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Our Wedding Fire Performers can combine fire eating, body burning, balance and illusion to create an atmosphere of intrigue, disbelief and mystery. Watch in amazement as they rub fire over their body or even eat ball after ball of fire. This is sure to make your wedding the hottest in town.

Our team of Fire Performers take fire entertainment to the next level. We can perform individually or as part of a team to produce the fire show of all fire shows which are suitable for any venue, both indoors or outdoors.

Whatever the size of your wedding our Fire and Glow Performers will be happy to help add that little extra spark! Our fire performance team has a diverse range of skills, and can tailor their shows to meet the needs of your wedding. Whether you are looking for something special to greet your guests as they arrive at your venue, or something to really make your wedding end with a bang, we have the experts for you.

What we provide:

Freestyle Performance

Freestyle performances can last anywhere from 15 minutes to the entire length of your wedding if requested. They provide a lively and energetic source of entertainment.

Freestyle performances allow for great interaction with your wedding guests, tailoring the act to the desirers of the watching crowds. The performances can be tailored to meet the needs of any occasion.

This is a favourite for people wanting to make a grand entrance to a venue with performers either side of the doors.

Freestyle performances are available in the following packages:

Fire or Glow Performance (Standard Package): 1 x performer up to 90 minutes.

Fire Performance with Fire Breathing: 1 x performer up to 90 minutes

Have a look below to get a better idea of the freestyle performance skills available:

FIRE POI - Balls and ropes of fire are spun around the performer in a dynamic and visually stunning display.

FIRE BREATHING - The most dangerous of all the fire arts, the performer breaths plumes of fire from their mouth.

FIRE JUGGLING - A demonstration of extreme coordination, the performers juggle and pass flaming clubs.

FIRE FANS - A poised and elegant display as the performer paint pictures in the air with the flaming fans.

SPARKLE POI (Speciality Performance) - A visually stunning show, the performer uses special poi that shower glowing sparks, creating a curtain of light.

FIRE STAFF - The performer manipulates 1, 2 or 3 flaming staffs letting off huge balls of fire in a show of incredible coordination

FIRE EATING - A feat not for the faint of heart, out performers will extinguish flaming torches using nothing but their mouths.

BODY BURNING - One of the most daring of the fire arts, body burning is the act of running a lit fire torch along exposed areas of the body.

FIRE HOOP - The performer gracefully and skilfully manipulates a ring of fire as it encircles their entire body.

COLOURED FIRE (Speciality Performance) - A great speciality act, coloured fire is perfect for large weddings.

Please note: We recommend a minimum of 2 performers or more for the best performances.  Music can be provided but is NOT supplied as standard. Please specify if music is required when you make your enquiry.

Not all fire performers perform all disciplines (e.g. not all performers breathe fire). Please specify which types of performance you require when making your enquiry.

Choreographed Stage Performance

As a headline or support act you cannot beat the impact of a choreographed fire or glow performance. With a range of shows featuring 3 performers the team can deliver a show that is guaranteed to dazzle your guests.

The shows are fully choreographed to backing music and showcase our talented artists, showing off all their skills including poi, staff, juggling, body burning and fire eating.

The shows are suitable for both in and outdoor stages and can be tailored to meet specific needs upon request.

Check out the rest of the page to see the exciting shows we have available.

Fire & Glow Stage Show: 3 x performers, 15 minute choreographed stage show.

Flaming Hot

Flaming Hot is an Arabian night’s inspired performance following the journey of three arabian guards as they try to find the hidden treasure of the lamp. The show is 15 minutes long and features three brilliant performers demonstrating a wide variety of fire performance skills.

First Act (Flaming Lamps / Single & Double Staff)
The show begins with our three guards entering the stage for some drill practice; they light a series of flaming lamps around the edge of stage. The guards are training with their weapons showing off their prowess with flaming double fire staffs with the action bouncing between two guards and their commander.

Second Act (Body Burning)
A comedic scene set after a long days training two of the guards are messing about with one another in a show where they emerge in drunken state from the pub, they bounce around stage in a drunken fashion jesting with one another, then show of their body burning skills as they take it in turn to dare each other to run flames along their exposed flesh. One of them discovers a map on the floor. The map shows three routes to treasure, suddenly the commander arrives, the guards argue over which is the best route and a fight ensues, the map is torn in three and they each run off stage in their own direction.

Third Act (Staff / Poi / Levi-Stick)
This scene follows the individual journeys of each guard as they make their way to the treasure, each guard showing of a different dramatic fire performance skills, including fire staff, fire poi and fire levi-stick.

Fourth Act (Poi)
The three guards meet up as they try to find the treasure; the focus of this act is a synced partner poi section in which the guards spin flaming balls on chains around each other in close proximity in a show of dexterity and split second timing.

Fifth Act (Fire Sword / Rope Dart / Fire Breathing)
The guards find the lamp and tussle over it; each rubs the lamp and is rewarded with a new piece of magical equipment, a fire sword, fire rope dart, and fire blade staff.

Each guard shows off their reward as the other guards duck and dive out the way. Then greed gets the better of them and they try to capture the lamp for themselves. A battle then ensues between the three guards, culminating in a spectacular display of fire breathing as the performers shoot jets of flame into the air from their mouths.


Indoor Performance Area Specification

To ensure all performances are as safe as possible, venues for our indoor fire performances must meet the following specification;

Ceiling Clearance - 4 meters (this includes distance from any hanging lights or fittings)

Audience Clearance - 2 meters

Ventilation - Area must be actively ventilated

Furnishing - All furniture and drapes must be removed from the performance area

Performance Surface - Performance area must have a clean, non carpeted floor

Water - Tap water should be available for us with our safety equipment

Restricted Performances
If your venue is lacking in any of these criteria, please get in contact as we may still be able to perform by restricting the type of acts available.

Site Visit
All venues are different, for this reason we may require photos of the performance area or in some cases a site visit to assess the suitability of the venue.




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